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​Animal Expressions, LLC..

Obedience Train​ing

Lori Holmberg, M.A.

Dog & Cat Psychology

  • Do you want to learn how to communicate with your dog?
  • Would you like to teach your dog basic commands without having to leave your home?
  • Interested in using positive reinforcement methods?
  • Do you need some direction with your behavior modification program?
  • Do your needs have both obedience & behavioral issues?
  • Is there chaos at the door when the doorbell rings?
  • When you have visitors, does your dog growl or hide?
  • Is a walk anything but enjoyable?
  • Is your cat eliminating outside the litter box?
  • Is you cat marking your furniture?
  • Are your cats fighting?
  • Do you need help introducing your new pet or baby to your current pets?                                                        

                            If so, you need our help!                                                            

​​​Behavioral Consultations​

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